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From all over the world thousands of costumers have found their way to the extensive collection of wool products of Richard Wernekinck. It seems only fair to call HOLLANDFELT & HOLLANDWOOL a successful international wholesale of wool products.

In 1975, while studying to become a mechanical engineer, Richard Wernekinck first started to sell wool. The wool came from the sheep that lived in the orchard of his parent's farm. "I put the clean and assorted wool in bags made of jute. Demands were high as natural products gained in popularity at the time." Soon it became clear that there was more to it than just selling bags of wool and Richard Wernekinck started his wholesale.

Next to an extensive collection of wool felt, wool and knitting yarn, in a variety of colors, HOLLANDFELT & HOLLANDWOOL has an extensive assortment of special products: Chinese goat hair, Kashmir, coconut fibers, angora, camel hair, silk and so on. The collection of wool products of HOLLANDFELT & HOLLANDWOOL is unique in this world. While other companies mix their wool with synthetic fibers to keep costs low, Richard Wernekinck always stayed true to 100% wool. This way he can maintain to offer products of the highest quality.

All these products attract a variety of professionals like merchants, furnishers, architects, fashion designers, ateliers and schools. The amount of costumers keeps on growing. "I owe that mostly to word of mouth advertisement. A while ago I had an Italian costumer who heard about HOLLANDFELT & HOLLANDWOOL through one of her clients in the United States."


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