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Washed wool carded into a blanket is called Carded fleece. This fleece is used for felting big cloths. On a table you first lay a layer of bubble wrap, then the carded fleece and then the Merino wool you want to felt with the fleece. To felt the materials you need to rub them with hot water and natural soap.

Our carded fleece is made of a wool blend with European and Merino wool. Merino wool comes from the famous Merino sheep that live in South America, South Africa and Australia. It is a fine quality (27,5µ) with long hairs (90mmH). This product meets the high standards of the UNE-EN 71-2, UNE-EN 71-3 and Öko-Tex 100. 


Merino carded fleece is available in two qualities: normal and Tops. Tops carded fleece is thinner and of a higher quality. All merino carded fleece is available per meter on a width of 200cm. 

The normal carded fleece is available in 'thin', 'medium' and 'thick'.


Thin 500gr/m1
Medium 700gr/m1
Thick 1000gr/m1
Tops1 180gr/m1
Tops2 360gr/m1



67051 carded fleece medium
67051 carded fleece medium 67051 carded fleece medium

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